19 Sep 2017

Why The Shade And Colour Of Exhibition Stands Plays A Vital Role

by Admin

Did you know that colour is a vital part of your exhibition stand? Whilst text and shapes will help you to create your message, it is colour that will set the tone. Research has shown that consumers make subconscious judgements about a product within 90 seconds of first seeing it – 62% to 90% of this initial assessment is based solely on colour.

Colour is closely associated with emotion. In order to produce graphics that work, you need to understand how the shades you’ve selected will be interpreted by your audience. So, how do you go about choosing the right colour scheme for your exhibition stands?

  • The most obvious place to start is the colours in your logo. Using the same colours as your current branding will make your stand recognisable to existing customers and more memorable when someone encounters your logo again in the future.
  • Don’t try and use too many colours at once. This can make the stand look clumsy and all over the place. Don’t think of any ideas that are too wild and removed from the purpose of your company.
  • For a bold, contrasting look, use complementary colours (those opposite each other on the colour wheel). For a more harmonious look, use colours adjacent to each other. Triadic colours (those evenly spaced from each other) also have a vibrant look.
  • As an alternative, pick either black or white as your base colour and pick another colour to use on top to really make it pop. This can give the stand a simplistic yet ultra professional look.

This is all good and well, but what about the emotion? To get a better idea of the sorts of emotions that the colours you have chosen evoke, we have provided a list below. Think about how you want people to feel when they encounter your exhibition stand and pick colours accordingly.

Red – This is a powerful colour that evokes intense emotions. It’s often associated with passion and love, as well as being known to encourage appetite. It’s ideal for attracting impulse buys and clearance sales.

Yellow – This colour is associated with cheerfulness and warmth. From a marketing perspective, it’s viewed as optimistic and youthful. It does, however, have a tendency to make babies cry and can cause eyestrain.

Blue – This colour is closely associated with water and tranquillity. It tends to be preferred by men and can curb appetite. It promotes productivity, so is a popular choice for office spaces.

Orange – Viewed as an exciting and enthusiastic colour, it can sometimes signify aggression. It is often used in marketing as a call to action and is used in logo design to show friendliness and confidence.

Green – This colour is often described as being healthy. It is often used to symbolise money, nature and fertility. It is frequently used to promote eco-friendly products as well as wellbeing and healthy living.

Purple – This is a regal colour that is associated with wealth, wisdom and success. In marketing, it is often used for anti-aging and beauty products. It is also used to represent creativity and calmness.

We hope that the tips and information provided above have enabled you to choose the most appropriate colour scheme for you exhibition stand. At the end of the day, evoking particular emotions is beneficial but you need to ensure that the overall design works with your existing branding and the purpose of your company. Displays Direct can help you to strike the perfect balance.