iPad Display Stands

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Want to make your booth a little more interactive but worried about any devices being accidentally damaged or even stolen? Displays Direct has the ideal solution in our iPad display stands, which are designed to eliminate both these hazards.

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Incorporating an iPad into your booth can do all sorts of wonderful things for your success at any event or tradeshow. Not only is the interactivity a big draw for visitors, you can use the device to show your products or services in action (effectively convincing them to shop with you in future).

Protect Your Device

The stand features a bezel housing on top that you simply open and slip your iPad into. This will not only prevent someone from picking the device up without your permission, it will stop it from being accidentally knocked off the counter.

High Resolution Graphics

Don’t forget that your iPad display stand can also be used to promote your business! The high resolution digitally printed graphic is stretched tightly over the frame, which also hides those messy charging cords from view.


What generation iPads can I use with this stand?

Our iPad display stands in Sydney are able to house the most current model (standard size), as well as the iPad Air. Depending on the size of the device, if you have a different generation it may not fit into the housing.

Am I able to connect speakers so I can have sound?

The good news is that our stands come with built in speakers, ensuring that the sound won’t be muffled inside the housing and will be loud enough to be heard over the background noise of the event.