Brochure Stands

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No one is going to pick up your marketing material if it doesn’t look attractive. At Displays Direct, we know that this extends beyond the design on your brochures and pamphlets – our brochure stands in Sydney are the perfect accompaniment.

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When it comes to choosing a brochure display stand for your workplace or an upcoming event, it is essential that you have considered where it’s going to be placed, as every location is likely to have different needs. One placed in an open area, for example, can be double sided to maximise the material on offer.

Varying Configurations

Our brochure display systems are available in an array of configurations, allowing you to select the one that best meets your needs. It could be single sided or double sided, have A4 pockets or A3 ones, and be upright or reclining.

User Friendly

Have you considered that the use of brochure display holders can actually enhance the experience of potential customers? Not only does it make marketing material highly accessible, some stands also feature covers for protection against the elements.


What sorts of materials are the stands made from?

We offer brochure holders in Sydney that are made from a variety of materials, including: metal, bamboo, fabric graphic and plastic. This allows you to choose an option that will best meet your exhibition needs as well complement any other display items that you may have.

How do I store the stands when not in use?

The answer to this question will depend on which type you have selected, most will fold down quite compactly and be able to be stored in a padded carry case for added protection. Note that some will be small (and more lightweight) than others, so keep this in mind when making your selection!