Teardrop Banners

Advertising Banners

Displays Direct supplies attractive teardrop flags and banners in three distinct sizes (2 metres, 3 metres and 4 metres) that rotate gently in the wind – you’re branding is sure to be noticed when you use these flags.

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The graphics used in our custom teardrop flag designs are double sided and feature a piece of block out material in between, ensuring that ‘show through’ isn’t a problem. Both sides of the graphic will display the correct image and any text will appear as it should (it won’t be backwards).

Easy To Set Up & Take Down

If you’re looking for a display solution that is easy to assemble and disassemble, our teardrop flags for sale in Australia tick all the boxes. Simply slot the spine of the flag together, insert it into the sleeve of the flag and lock it into the base.

Interchangeable Graphics

We can supply additional or replacement graphics, allowing you to continue using the same frame and base. This is perfect if you have a few different campaigns on the go or you change your branding.


What sorts of bases are available?

We have two different base options for our tear drop banners. The spike feet base is only suitable for use outdoors, as the feet dig into the soft ground. It also features a swivel component, so the flag will rotate in the breeze. The cross feet base can be used indoors or outdoors and has a water tank for weighing it down.

Are the poles able to withstand strong winds?

Although it is recommended that you take teardrop banners in Sydney down or move them inside when the wind really picks up, the flexible fiberglass poles that we use are able to withstand most wind conditions. They will not crack or snap under the pressure (like some cheaper materials are known to do).