Advertising Banners

Advertising Banners

Let your banner fly! When it comes to outdoor promotion, you cannot beat the extensive range of advertising banners offered by Displays Direct. We can assist with teardrop flags, rectangular flags, jumbo displays, windancer flags and more.

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Promotional banners in Sydney can be used in a variety of locations with ease, from along the nature strip in front of your store to the forecourt of a car dealership. The fact that they stand so tall means that they’re sure to draw attention and be spotted easily (even read) from a distance.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Although our advertising flag banners have been designed for the great outdoors, there is nothing stopping you from using them indoors, too. Just ensure that you’ve got the appropriate base (cross feet) and plenty of ceiling height!

Maximum Exposure

Ensuring maximum exposure for your brand is a must in many situations, which is why advertising flags in Sydney are such a fantastic choice. Their sheer height means that they’ll stand above the crowds and draw the eye in.


Are these banners long lasting?

When using advertising flags and banners outdoors, we understand that their longevity will be of concern. Displays Direct has designed these products specifically for use outdoors – they’re able to withstand the elements and the harsh Australian climate with ease, offering you plenty of use.

Can the graphics be cleaned if they get dirty?

Yes. When used outdoors, it is not uncommon for banners to occasionally get a little dirty (particularly when it rains or is windy). If you want to clean your graphics, simply give them a wipe down using a damp cloth. Never wash them in the washing machine or dry clean.