31 May 2017

Why Exhibition Display Stands Need A Marketing Strategy

by Admin

Remember that exhibiting at a tradeshow or event isn’t just about the day itself – there is a lot of preparation and work after the show is over that all go into making it successful. So, how can you make the expense of exhibiting worthwhile for your business? It all comes down to your marketing strategy. Here are our top tips for establishing a strategy for your exhibition display stand:

There are a number of questions that you should ask yourself to ensure that your marketing strategy is on the right track.

  • Why have you chosen this exhibition? Perhaps it’s being held over a weekend that you’re available or perhaps it’s the biggest event for your industry throughout the whole year. The answer to this question could change what you choose to include in your stand.
  • What do you hope to achieve? Perhaps you want to increase sales or add people to your database. Perhaps you want to network with other businesses or raise awareness about your brand. The answer to this question will determine what your stand should look like.
  • Who do you hope to meet? Perhaps you want to meet prospective customers or perhaps you want to meet employees from other businesses whose services you could use. The answer to this question can also play a role in how your stand is set up.
  • What will attract visitors to your stand? You could have a special offer, run a competition or have giveaways. Are there any colours that you think will draw people in? It’s also a good idea to opt for simple, clear marketing messages that are easy to understand.
  • How do you want visitors to interact with you? They could grab some marketing material to peruse later on (when they have some more time) or they could signup for your newsletter. They could also speak with your team if someone happens to be free.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be able to start planning the design of your stand – what it will consist of and what it will look like.

  • Choose from the wide array of stand options available, including: pull up banners, outdoor flags, brochure holders, media walls, portable counters and LCD kiosks to name a few. Often, your stand will consist of more than one element that complement each other.
  • Think carefully about the message you’re trying to send and remember that the most important information should be at eye level. Also remember that the stand should include a way for people to get in touch with you, such as a web address or telephone number.
  • Think carefully about the colours and images that you want to use in the design. The colours should mirror those used in your branding. A neutral background tends to have the best results. Images should be crisp, clear and your own (in other words, not protected by copyright).

We hope that the information provided here has shown you why a marketing strategy is so important for exhibition display stands – it will ensure that your stand helps you to achieve your goals and attracts visitors. Going in without a strategy can mean that your stand lacks direction, which can be a turnoff for prospective customers who have something particular in mind.