02 May 2018

The Perfectly Simple Exhibition Stand Design

by Admin

Exhibiting requires a big investment of both money and time – so if you’re going to do it, make sure that you’re doing it right. Make sure that all eyes are on you with an exhibition stand design that really turns heads. Coming up with a show-stopping design, however, doesn’t mean that you need to go overboard – sometimes, the best and most successful designs are the simplest ones.

In the list below, we have covered some of our best tips for putting your design together:

Be Flexible (or Modular)

Putting together a stand can be expensive, so ensure that it’s adaptable for future use. This is where modular design comes in – by having elements that can be added or taken away, you can modify the stand to suit different layouts and booth requirements.

Mix 2D & 3D Elements

Whilst banners, backdrops and signage are all an important part of your stand, don’t forget to also include some more tangible elements. By featuring furniture and décor, you can create more of a ‘space’ that people can visit, rather than a giant hoard of advertising.

Pick a Colour Scheme

Whilst bold colours can really help your business to stand out, but choose a maximum of three shades to avoid the booth becoming too busy. Work with your existing branding and incorporate it into the core design features. Avoid using too many images, too.

Work on Clear Messaging

Unless you’re a very well known brand, it’s a good idea to incorporate some descriptive copy in your exhibition stand design. This could be a short tagline that lets passers by know what you offer. Clear messaging can actually help you to qualify booth traffic.

Use Digital Screens

It’s a good idea to incorporate at least one screen in your design, as what you display on them can be easily changed when required. Your message could change every time you exhibit – the use of screens allows you to do this without the need to invest in new banners.

Play With Lighting

Clever lighting can turn a run of the mill stand into a stunning one. You can change the whole look and feel at the touch of a button using coloured LEDs, or you could take a more attention-grabbing approach with strings of festoon lights or giant light bulb letters.

Give Something Free

Another tried and true tip for drawing in passers by is to hand out some freebies. Instead of stashing them all under the counter, however, why not make them a part of the stand design? A donut wall or a coffee station, for example. Or you could do an interactive giveaway, like a manicure.

Exhibition stand design presents the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand’s creativity, so don’t just invest in a few retractable and teardrop banners and call it a day. You can make a big impact with colour, lights and a few pieces of décor – but keep it simple and avoid going over the top, otherwise you might actually find yourself pushing people away instead of drawing them in.