17 Nov 2017

How Exhibition Stand Design Can Attract More Visitors To Your Brand

by Admin

One of the most important challenges that any business faces when exhibiting at a tradeshow or other event is attracting visitors to your stand, giving them you opportunity to interact with them and hopefully make a sale. The good news is that the right exhibition stand design can help you to attract visitors, making them more likely to stop and listen to what you have to say.

In the list below, we have outlined some of the ways that design can play a role in attracting more visitors:

1. Bold & Powerful

A stand with spectacular design can be more attractive than any gimmick. These days, many businesses focus solely on using their stands to convey information – they don’t think enough on attracting attention. Bold colours and powerful imagery can help to draw people in, encouraging them to stop at your booth to see what you’re all about.

2. Innovative Lighting

Many businesses also fail to realise the power that creative lighting can have. Use spotlights to highlight specific information or images on your displays, hang fairy lights around the top of the booth and programme them to twinkle, and/or opt for lighting that really sets the mood (so it might be dimmer than what other booths are using).

3. Technology 

A couple of neat gadgets can draw visitors to your booth like shiny objects to a magpie. The introduction of an LCD screen or tablet can offer incentive for people to stop by, as well as offer you the opportunity to share additional information. The good news is that there are stands available that help to keep these devices secure.

- Videos

A high quality video can be eye catching, stimulating and (above all else) informative. If you have taken this route, be sure that the video includes a call-to-action such as taking a brochure to peruse at a later date, scanning a QR code to receive a special deal, or leaving their contact details so that you can continue the conversation later.

- Live Tweets

Displaying a live Twitter feed can help to engage and inform visitors, even if your onsite staff are busy. It’s even better if you encourage them to follow you, use your #hashtag and ask questions to your offsite team (providing that they are able to monitor the feed). This can also allow you to reach them after the event has finished.

If you are exhibiting at an upcoming event, we hope that the information provided here has given you plenty of ideas for putting together your exhibition stand design. If you have any questions about your design or would like some help getting it just right, contact the team at Displays Direct – we can help you to have the best chances at success.