23 Oct 2017

How Custom Expo Stands Are A Great Way To Increase Brand Awareness

by Admin

There is one rule when it comes to event marketing – get noticed! Without the attention of your target audience, you’re not going to meet your marketing goals. Making the most out of event opportunities for exposure can lead to brand awareness, huge sales and, subsequently, an increase in profits.

Have you ever considered how custom expo stands can be very powerful marketing tools that create a lot of exposure for your brand and business as a whole? Consider the following tips and ideas to ensure that your stand increases brand awareness exactly how you want it to:

Update your display

If you’re currently working with stand elements that look like they could’ve come straight out of the 90’s or early 2000’s, it’s definitely time to update. Be sure to partner with a professional design team and do some research into current trends to ensure that your brand comes across as innovative, purposeful and attractive.

Add modern technology

If possible, incorporate some modern technology into your stands – this can be a really great way to grab (and hold) the crowd’s attention. Use flat screen televisions to loop commercials, use tablets to air presentations about specific products or services, and use smartphones for visitors to enter a competition or join a mailing list.

Take a social approach

Whilst gathering business cards is still a great way to generate leads, today’s entrepreneurs understand the importance of using social media to give them a competitive edge. Ensure that your Facebook, Twitter and other social pages are prominently displayed on your custom expo stands, as this provides a modern way to connect with your audience.

Make it interactive

People tend to be drawn to stands that are a little different, and interactivity is one way to achieve this. Think about how your display could create a photo opportunity (don’t forget to ask people to share), hold expert demonstrations of your product/service in action, or provide some games or puzzles that people can interact with.

Create a sanctuary

Don’t box too much of your space in with tables or displays, as this can take away from the open, warm aesthetic that you’re trying to achieve. Avoid placing anything across the front of your booth, as this closes visitors out. Events have a tendency to be chaos and you want to create a sanctuary where people can escape for a while.

Think about signage

Your signage is one of the most important elements, so ensure that you have thought it through carefully. It should be visible and legible from down the aisle, have words that give people a good reason to stop, tell people what’s in it for them, not use a lot of jargon, and include a solution to a problem that a person might have.

Events are a fantastic way to promote your brand and bring some visibility to your business. Good planning and preparation will help your custom expo stands to really get noticed, increasing brand awareness tenfold and ensuring that you stand out from your competition.

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