13 Sep 2018

Cost Effective Exhibition Stand Designs that can Boost Brand Presence

by Admin

It’s a constant struggle for any business attending a tradeshow or event. On one hand, you want to market your brand to the best of your ability. On the other, you don’t want to spend a fortune on something that has no guaranteed return. If you’re looking for a compromise, then you need cost effective exhibition stand designs. These can help you make the most out of any event, no matter what your budget.

Careful Planning is Critical

The first – and most important – thing you can do is plan exactly what you’re looking for, Take the time to sit down and decide what you want the stand to look like, what it will comprise of, how many individual components you need, and of course, your budget. If you do this well in advance of any tradeshows you’re hoping to attend, you have time to find the best banners and displays at the lowest prices. Look at different events you’re hoping to attend throughout the year and what they require of their stall holders. By choosing items that can be used across most (if not all) events, you’ll save money by not buying new things each time.

Don’t Leave Anything Out

One mistake you may make, which can really blow your budget out, is not considering all the costs you’ll have to pay. The price of the exhibition stand itself isn’t the only thing you’ll need to pay for, so be sure to leave a portion of your budget aside for any extras.

  • Transportation and Set Up

You may not have put much thought into this, in the excitement of preparing your stand, but you will need to take it to the site and set it up. Depending on the size of your components, you may need to hire a van to take things to and from the event, and a special team to install everything the way you’d like.

  • Graphics and Design

Not only will you be ordering banners and displays, depending on your skill level you may want to employ a graphic designer to prepare the actual images and text. Whilst this may seem unnecessary, this is something you may want to splurge on, as a good design is the difference between people coming to your stall or turning away.

How to Save Money

What you’ve all been waiting for – how you can save money with cost effective exhibition stand designs. This is where careful planning comes into play, because there are a couple of things you can do to help keep costs down.

Reuse, reuse, reuse!

Whilst you don’t want your displays to look exactly the same, every time, it pays to invest in quality material to ensure you aren’t having to buy replacements each time. Where you can, use the same banners and advertising – as long as prices and products haven’t changed.

Take the DIY route

Some stands will require professional set up and installation. If you don’t want to pay a third party, only order things you can set up yourself. Most of our displays are incredibly easy to assemble, even for one person, so make sure you browse our range.

Avoid excessive travel

Though it may seem exciting to attend tradeshows interstate, the costs can add up quickly. Think plane tickets or petrol costs, car rental, accommodation, food – then double these costs for each employee you bring. If you have a budget you want to stick to, stay within a car’s drive away. Plus, do you really want to be advertising to people you can’t easily reach?

Tradeshows and events can be a lot of fun, and a great way to advertise your business to new customers. However, once you consider all the aspects that go into a successful stall, you may find yourself with one very expensive day out. The best thing you can do is plan carefully – talk with our expert team if you need more help with a cost-effective exhibition stand design.